Five Benefits Of Linux Over Windows

win linOne of the best advantages of Linux over Windows is that the Linux operating system is free, whereas Microsoft products are expensive and there is a charge for every product. There is a charge for every product you order; sometimes there would be a charge even to update the software you purchased. But every Microsoft product is very efficient and would work without a flaw for a long time. But the fact is that, the efficiency and compatibility of Microsoft products is very wide and extensive being useful and applicable in a wide variety of distributions and channels of working. Therefore, it is very much necessary that Microsoft efforts have to be rewarded in monetary terms and this is right and well deserving factor. On the other hand, Linux distribution is free and can be installed on any number of computers.

The second advantage with Linux is the security level. The spread of bugs and viruses in software programs is quite common these days, and in many instances, we see highly sophisticated and well advanced configurations also some times, crash down with virus and this is prevented by Linux.

The third advantage for a user is the choice of freedom; this means that the user has complete access to control panel and every aspect of operating system. The two important features are desktops and windows managers.  Keeping a control over your operating system and taking note of observations helps you to keep pace with your web site and what goes around your web site.

The fourth advantage is the softwares of Linux. Software used on Linux is available with more features and has more facilities as compared to windows.  Above all, the Linux software is free and an open source to access.   One can also have an option to modify the source code and more features can be added to understand about Linux operating system.

The fifth advantage is requirement of hardware for Linux. The installation of Linux can be used as firewall, file server or a backup server. There is no need for a powerful processor or a large memory space. Simple desktop systems such as 386 to 486 could also facilitate Linux operating system to work.